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Poetic narratives of sound

Problematica is India Gailey’s third solo cello album.

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Rituals of disembodiment

O Indio’s new album presents two collisions tracked in real time.

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Immersive sound, great music

With an ambitious catalogue, TRPTK presents itself as an audiophile Immersive label.


A surrealist and a composer

Only very few surrealists actually composed. The poet Andre Souris was an exception.

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Birds Catching Fire

London-based collective, UKAEA will release its second album end of January.

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Celebrating Barbara Strozzi

Anousha Nazari’s beautiful video-interpretation of Barbara Strozzi’s Eraclito Amoroso.

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Alf Carlsson travels in the footsteps of Jan Johansson, but does it in his own way.

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Life Umbrella

Spreading empathy, understanding, and love for Autism.

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A traveler’s music

Serg EF is a musician who’s been on the move all his life.

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Pure sine tones

Ever wondered how prime numbers would sound? Greg Davis’ New Primes might give an answer.

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Nikol Bókovás fourth album Elements coincides with a new recording label.


Young pianists on the rise

Four artists to watch in contemporary jazz scene.

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Murmansk sonically portraited

Sonic Acts’ two new Inversia releases study the sounds of the Arctic city.  

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Holmboe’s chamber symphonies

Vagn Holmboe was a prolific composer who is remembered for his symphonies

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A Liminal March

Nothing is ever still, ever completed.

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Feeling good

Andreas Toftemark sends good vibes from his New York Flight.

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Northern wind

Trio Medieval sings to restless souls.

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An audiophile recording with non-trivial music by Peder af Ugglas.

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When 0.396 cents matters.

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A blooming desert

SUPERBLOOM is a collaborative debut between cellist Maarten Vos and pianist Nils Davidse.

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Mad about horns

Famous for his garden scissors, Olavi Linden is a man of over hundred instruments, and horns are his obsession.

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Perfect balance

Peter Bjørnild & Frans de Rond have recorded albumful of jazzy music challenging the possibilities of current recording technology. A fabulous one-mic recording.

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In the footsteps of Prometheus

Prague/CZ based independent record label Animal Music is offering a new release of Nikol Bokova.

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The virus hit the microphone

Chesky Records’ new release presents the music of Led Zeppelin played by Obed Calvaire, Bob Franceschini, Kevin Hays, & Orlando le Fleming.

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Aho or Enescu?

A symphony written for a chamber orchestra makes an interesting type of composition that inspired composers from the early to late 20th century, Kalevi Aho and George Enescu among others.

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South America meets the Baltics

Two modern musical pioneers, Robert Jürjendal and Miguel Noya, combine their ethnic background and musical forces in their new album The Power of Distance.

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Northen sounds

The nature itself as the main artist, humans merely accompanying as featuring artists.

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Zeena Parkins’ latest album makes captivating listening.

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Haydn String Quartets Op. 64

The Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet’s mono LP is wonderful both in terms of performance and sound quality.

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Opus 3 goes Blues

The Swedish record label Opus 3 is widely known for its audiophile grade recordings. In early days it was more jazz and classical music, nowadays increasingly blues.