Audio Note UK Cobra

An integrated amplifier for those who want to enjoy the AN UK’s sound world at this world’s price.


Robin Audio Oloron

Oloron is an uncompromising French loudspeaker with rarely used speaker technology.


Philips RH 545 Studio

The RH 545 Studio was Philips’ most advanced MFB loudspeakers monitoring its own playback through a feedback loop.



Speaker transparency

Does transparency of the cabinet translate to transparency of the sound? Some examples.

Sound art

Ääni sauna #1: Jaakko Eino Kalevi

A Finnish multi-instrumentalist heating up the sauna in Norway.

Sound art

Ceramics and sound united

Interbeing is an ambitious international ceramic and sound art project creating new collaborations between British and Chinese artists.


Album reviews

Northern wind

Trio Medieval sings to restless souls.

Album reviews


An audiophile recording with non-trivial music by Peder af Ugglas.

Album reviews

A blooming desert

SUPERBLOOM is a collaborative debut between cellist Maarten Vos and pianist Nils Davidse.