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Rituals of disembodiment

O Indio’s new album presents two collisions tracked in real time.

“An anonymous vocalist from India, O Indio delivers his vocals as rituals of disembodiment. He breaks the bones of words so latent meaning can be released, like a soul transcending the physical constraints of the body. When the lyrics are written out on paper, they reveal a text that feels as much like ancient scripture as it does psychedelic mantra.

This new album called “M” is a scrap symphony. M is a four way intersection; two collisions tracked in real time. The male and female voice crash into Eastern raga and Western harmony. The human mind creates categories to better understand what it cannot control. Testing these edges was out small act of sonic rebellion from inside the cage of the binary.”

This is one of the albums the music of which I don’t feel like commenting on, not to speak of analyzing it into parts. You must hear it yourself. Like it or not, it has a special quality in it. Let it have an effect.

Snow in Water Records, 2024.

mixed by John Kilgore
mastered by André Dias

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