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South America meets the Baltics

Two modern musical pioneers, Robert Jürjendal and Miguel Noya, combine their ethnic background and musical forces in their new album The Power of Distance.

Electronic music pioneer, Miguel Noya, began work in the mid-1970s in his native Venezuela using the available tools, patch cord analog synthesis, pre-drum machine percussion, pre-sampler native sounds. His groundbreaking “Gran Sabana” caused a European concert promoter to refer to him recently as the “Venezuelan Jean-Michel Jarre”.

Meanwhile in rural Estonia, guitar stylist, Robert Jürjendal was quietly creating exotic, swirling soundscapes that defy description but leave one satisfied in a Fripp/Eno kind of way (he studied with the master himself in the School of Crafty Guitarists).

The collaboration of Noya and Jürjendal yields a blended fusion as energizing as it is hypnotic – a new progressive ambient classic album two lifetimes in the making. The result is described as “expansive and exhilarating”. Based on quick listening that’s precisely how it sounds. Powerful and responsive at the same time. Literally drawing the best from two worlds. Check out this fruitful encounter!

The Power of Distance, by Robert Jürjendal & Miguel Noya, Newdog Records / Newdog Records (888295947428).

South America meets the Baltics – two modern musical pioneers combine forces and the result is expansive and exhilarating.



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