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A traveler’s music

Serg EF is a musician who’s been on the move all his life.

Ivy Sandoval contacted us on behalf of music artist Serg EF from Los Angeles, CA, and told that Serg EF would be traveling to Finland (Inner-Magazine’s homeland) between Aug 14th – Aug 25th. A day after he released his first single “Transgressions” from his debut EP “Killing a Coward” that is out now.

It turned out that Serg EF’s got an interesting background in human terms. Here’s a short bio: “I grew up a traveler – since the moment my family brought my siblings and I to the US, when I was 12, we moved to a different state every year for 10 years. I was always on the outside peeking in, and my songs gave me a world to live in, while everything around me was suddenly changing. The purpose of my career is to see if my music can become a world for some other kid who is “homeless” inside of their world. My audience is anyone who is looking for that.”

In 2018 Serg’s course suddenly changed when a family member was involved in a traumatic car accident. Serg stopped his career, and drove across the country to California, to become a caretaker. Through the long rehab process, Serg found his way back to songwriting, of which two examples:

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