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Bodily music to the letter

One-plus-one-is-three performs using EEG signals to control sounds, lights and images.

1+1=3 is an artistic platform / community / ecosystem for research and performance. The collective includes musicians, neuroscientists and visual artists. Since 2014 they have performed in Sweden, Greece, France, Brazil, the UK and the US.

New technologies are expanding the possible interactions between technology and the human brain. Brain-computer interfaces have recently become affordable for a wider public, allowing new artistic research into the human condition and new ways of artistic expression. However, to be able to exploit their full potential and to ensure the development of a lasting involvement of the art world in this contemporary dialogue, artists and neuroscientists have to co-create.

As a device, the EEGsynth interfaces with the brain and body for artistic and scientific exploration, research and expression, allowing anyone to use their own brain and body activity to flexibly and powerfully control performative equipment in real-time. In practice, it transforms electrophysiological signals (EEG, EMG and ECG) into analogue and digital control signals by means of sophisticated neuroscience signal analysis and custom-made hardware.

Cross-disciplinary performances We use state-of-the-art technology for experimental performances, EEG-controlled music and public reflections. By developing artistic events utilizing our own real-time brain-computer-music-interfaces (BCMIs), we are able to engage the audience in a wide range of topics, from ideas of causality, to the experience of trance and the power of imagination. For example, in Hemispherics, as depicted here, two EEG-performers and two musicians respond to each other in a complex dialogue of brain controlled music. Musical harmony, control and improvisation are expressed in complex layers of inter-connection that are exhilarating for both the performers and the audience, and show the deep musical potential of BCMIs in cross-disciplinary experimentation.

As a project, the aim of the 1+1=3 is to bring together musicians, artists, neuroscientists and developers to work together on technology for specific artistic performances.

The current core group of the project is: Jean-Louis Huhta, Per Huttner, Robert Oostenveld, Samon Takahashi and Stephen Whitmarsh. Collaborative Partners include Selen Atasaoy, Carima Neusser, Marcos Lutyens and Hernan Anllo. 1+1=3 is supported by the Nordic Culture Fund, the Swedish Arts Grants Committe and Kulturbryggan; the EEGsynth is supported by Innovativ kultur, Stockholm County Council, the City of Stockholm and the Swedish Arts Council.


This weekend the 1+1=3 stages a performance at the Akusmata sound art gallery where they use real time EEG signals to control sounds, lights and images.

EEGsynth & Body Music demonstration by Oneplusoneisthree + guests takes place on Saturday 28 Sep. 2019 at 20.00 – 21.00

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