Amphion design philosophy

Leans on three basic principles of functionalism.

The design philosophy of Amphion speakers is based on three basic principles of functionalism: durability, functionality and quality.

In order for the sound quality to be as natural and clean as possible in the most common location, namely in the living room of the end customer, the speaker must be designed and shaped so that it can be placed in a visible place in the living room. In fact, the controlled directivity and applauded design of the Amphion loudspeakers are key elements when approval for the speakers is searched for by the highest level of home management.

In massing the shapes of the Amphion speakers, the goal has been to make them as narrow and slender as possible when viewed from the front, so that the speakers look as smooth and small as possible when viewed from the listening direction. Thanks to the sufficient height, the acoustic center hits the height level of the ear.

Usually the drivers are hidden behind fabric grills, causing frame-induced problems for the sound reproduction. In Amphion speakers  perforated acoustically transparent metal grilles only come on top of the midrange drivers, making normal problems associated with the frame non-existent.

According to statistics, the average lifespan of quality speakers is around 14.5 years, so the design and color scheme of the speakers must be timeless, as well as suitable for a variety of interiors. The design of the Amphion speakers has assumed timeless and classic design language, in addition to neutral surface treatment and color combinations.

The minimalist design and harmonious proportions do not stand out  but help the speakers to blend into the interior so that the music, speech and sounds of moving images take the main role.

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