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Circus screams

Screams rend the air, blood stains the ground, and the show goes on.

“Circus performers are being killed. The psychotic motorcycle stuntman, Suicide Sid is killing off other circus performers. One by one they are falling. By blade, hanging, arrow, and flame. It’s unnerving. It’s horrifying. And it won’t stop until he is left with no other choice, but to take to the air and end it.”

We all have an idea of how circus music should sound (organ, trumpet, tuba, drums). We’ve all been to entertainment parks at some point of our life.  The music on the disc will not disappoint the expectations, although CIRCUS SCREAMS was made to be a circus music travesty: “from trick ponies to motorcycle stunts, the music swings between deadly circus acts and the ravings of a lunatic mind”.  It may be a travesty but it’s well done and conforming to the style learned. The music cannot be separated from  the related performance (music + opera + circus). The 60 min show is a horror story for all ages (parental guidance is recommended).

 Starring musicians:

Rob Reich, Electric Organ
Samuel Faustine, Vocals
Matthew Ebisuzaki, Trumpet
Greg Stephens, Trombone
Tiffany Bayly, Tuba
Robert Lopez, drums
Samson Y Hiss, Percussion

And circus performers:

Natasha Kaluza and Jamie Coventry


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