filigree. solid. modular.

Kombatibel designs makes modular furniture from concrete for consumer electronics.

Massive yet flexible, the Media-Lowboard called Thorax presents itself. Made of high-strength, high-end concrete, this exclusive piece of furniture can be individually adapted to the needs and wishes of the customer.

Born of the claim to offer a solid, low-vibration and yet attractive platform to noble consumer electronics, the thorax lowboard unites a modular installation concept with the highest design standards.

The three different elements in the basic forms O, E and C can be combined individually and open up a variety of possibilities in the construction. Whether six, ten or fifteen elements, the slightly radial arrangement and the airy interstices lift the concrete out of its conventional context and create a filigree overall picture.

In addition, the addition of pigments allows the colorations of the concrete in different shades. Also a weight reduction and a choice of the surface structure is possible.

Compatible design provides the customer of the thorax lowboard with the possibility of designing the platform exclusively according to the personal liking.

They also help the customer in the choice of the place of installation, the integration of the furniture in the room, the optimal placement of the hi-fi equipment and the organization of the delivery.

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