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Ääni sauna #1: Jaakko Eino Kalevi

A Finnish multi-instrumentalist heating up the sauna in Norway.

The Finnish-Norwegian Cultural Institute has decided to support a new concert series called Ääni sauna (Sound sauna), produced by Blank Blank and Oslo Badstuforening. The series is said to explore alternative, marginal and not-so-marginal sounds from Finland, creating a variety of music and art to go along with the heat and culture of the sauna.

First up in the series is Jaakko Eino Kalevi, a Finnish multi-instrumentalist known for his analogue and electronic sounds. Combining folk, funk, and psych-rock into trippy experimental pop, Jaakko has woven his own style through a unique blend of the textural universe of analogue synths and experimental music.

Over the years Jaakko has produced and released a number of EPs, albums and remixes on British Domino records as well on other labels like Beats in Space, Helmi (Finland) and his own label JEKS Viihde.

For the first edition of Ääni Sauna, which was performed outdoors last Friday (27the  August), Jaakko chose a live set specially created for Oslo Badstuforening, featuring Kari Kamrud (Farao, Ultraflex).


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