Sound art

City Mirage

Different cities of Europe are brought together through seven musically improvised video sequences.

City Mirage is about video screening with live music. This time the performance takes place on Friday 19th starting 19:00 at the Akusmata Sound Art Gallery in Helsinki.

City Mirage is based on video: (16:9, HD , 2014-2017 ) directed by Nina Oförsagd. In it, different cities from Europe and Far East are brought together through several video sequences.

The question is about trying to understand how we comprehend our surrounding by observing movement of the urban habitants and studying historical layers of the spaces.

“The visual method is observing movement in unrooms of the urban dweller and studying historical layers in time and space, also being a study of how we understand and visualize time.”

Part of the experience is sounds. Sounds shape our understanding of a place and open us different dimensions of time and space – leading and shaping our interpretation.

The video is a visual score for collective live music improvisation. It gives impulses for the performers and form for the interpretation. The order and number of the video sequences is different in every performance. Thus every performance of the City Mirage will be different.

The performing group this time will be:

Nina-Maria Oförsagd, Video (FIN)
PerViktor Hjalmarsson, Piano, Performance (SWE)
Petri Kuljuntausta, Sounds, Guitar (FIN)
Sergio Castrillón, Cello (COL)
Ilkka Hanski, Double-Bass (FIN)
Daniel Nyman, Slam Poetry, Performance, Percussion (FIN)

City Mirage is an ongoing project. After Akusmata the project will head to Estonia, Sweden and Taiwan.

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