Space and events

Still empty is not empty talk.

In Japanese, the concepts of time and space are simultaneously expressed by the word ma.

Space is fundamentally void and it is identical with occurring events. The space is recognized only in its relation to time-flow.

On the practical level void is multi-functional. The spaces can change according to different situations. Tokyo is extremely flexible and constantly adapting to changes. Consequently the city will reveal itself to be an intensely mysterious, expressive and enriching place.

Urban culture is a product of 38 million tokyoites making themselves at home. In a city, making oneself at home is an internal progress. Therefore Tokyo is no homogenous whole.

Average age of buildings in Tokyo is hardly 30 years.

Cities resemble interiors. Scenery is artificial.

Constant reorganization is taking place.

Randomness is inspiring. There is no perfection or completeness.

Naoshima, Teshima ja Inujima

Empty space can also be used by limiting it for different practical purposes. However, new space can not be created. Still empty is not empty talk. Void is filled with possibilities and meaning.

Naoshima 2017

Naoshima 2017

Teshima 2017

Inujima 2017

Eilo is a Helsinki based young architect who spent the autumn and winter eating dorayaki and drinking Pocari Sweat in Koenji. Follow Eilo on Instagram: @eiloarimo

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