Inner-Magazines congratulates

Experienced pioneer in DIY HiFi, and Inner-Magazine’s technical adviser and contributor, Mr. Mauri Pännäri turns 70 on April 3rd.

Mr. Pännäri, a network transmission technology expert by profession, has published over twenty articles on DIY HiFi in various technical magazines since the 1980’s. Some of his designs are based on semiconductors and other, under the Revenge brand, on tubes. Selected tube designs have ended up being sold as building kits by Uraltone Ltd., and are highly valued by the Finnish hobbyists.

Lately, Pännäri has directed his focus on vintage loudspeakers. One of his recent discoveries is the original Philips 22GL561 monitor with the legendary 9710M Alnico driver, seriously competing with his well-served Tannoy Little Red monitors. To drive the Philips speakers, Pännäri has chosen, from his selection of 20 amplifiers, the good old “Baby Dynaco” SCA-35 but thinks that his new self-designed McIntosh type (MC-225) of PP amplifier will raise the sound quality to a new level.

Looking forward to receiving further contributions by Mr. Pännäri, Inner-Magazines wishes to congratulate the birthday hero.

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