High End Vantaa 2018

With no more than thirty exhibitors the Vantaa High End is one of the top audio shows in Finland.

This show may not be the grandest one in Finland but year after year it attracts importers and dealers to come up with carefully thought-out combinations of hardware. The show was held at a Hotel Vantaa not too far from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport. An unusually large portion of the rooms were truly spacious.

The flagship Amphion Krypton 3 powered by Vitus Audio.  Note the acoustic resistance/cardioid enclosures for the midrange drivers, something not frequently seen in commercial speaker systems. The ported woofers are side-mounted.

Fram Kolumny Maxi active speakers with double aluminium coned widebandwidth drivers and four passive ones driven by electronics developed by the Polish Ancient Audio. The Larosita Beta New DAC, and cabling by Saec, A.Charlin and High Fidelity. The sound: not entirely uncolored but otherwise a highly positive performance.

Another happy sounding crossoverless widebander by Entire. This time the four inch driver is developed together with the Swedish EAD.

One of the most promising Finnish loudspeakers of recent times: handcrafted from solid wood, Taipuu Speakers active/dsp loudspeakers offer a rare combination of carefully finished carpentry and state-of-the art audio. The 3-way active speaker (above) is a massive sound reproduction system featuring a 15” coaxial element with a 1.5” treble unit and an 18” bass unit in a closed enclosure with an embedded DSP amplifier and adjustable level, delay and room correction,  Price from 22.500 €/pair. Left: a brand new passive 4-way with asymmetrical left and right speakers.

This DIY amp is built based on instructions published in Hifimaailma magazine 8/2010.  The EL34 / E83F SQ (NOS Philips) amp was hooked to Supravox widebanders.  The sympathetic small combo was in one of the rooms occupied by the Club of Finnish Hifi Hobbyists.

One of the half a dozen of systems trusting the Danish Gato electronics.

The Penaudio Jubilee model – the first Penaudio ever with a coaxial unit – and compact elecronics by Cyrus.

One of the permanent highflyers of this Show: Fischer & Fischer stone speakers in combo with the Esoteric source and Gryphon amplification.

From the source down to the speakers: Transrotor La Roccia turntable/SME 5009 tonearm/Figaro cart, the Polish Zess tube amps, TK Cables and Pylon Audio loudspeakers, also from Poland. The best vinyl sound. Period.

Wow! The new McIntosh MA252 hybrid integrated amplifier: 100 watts to 8 ohms.

The MA252 was driving wonderful Totem Tribe Tower speakers with non-filtered custom made mid/woofers. Digital by MSB.

Don’t try to make this tweeter by yourself: it has more than 100 pieces. A special version of the Audiovector SR 6 embraced by Bryston/Linn.

The brand new XL version of the Aurelia Cerica: more bottom end from the bigger drivers in a wider cabinet, and not just one but three waveguided tweeters.

The new Focal Kanto No. 2 speakers. The box behind the baffle is one piece construction, new Flux mid/woofers and the Beryllium tweeter (optimized the grill on).

One of the best performances: the mighty PMC SE, a three-way reference monitor for the home use. Powered by Bryston.

Speakers by an organizer of the event: Solaudio.


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