Only fifteen is made

Electric bike manufacturer Noordung’s Angel Edition bicycle features a battery that functions as a backup speaker.

The bike has an awarded ultralight motor (Vivax Assist 4.75 (200W), invisibly built in the bike with more than 30 km range.

The 20W speaker on top of the carbon fiber frame provides up to 100 hours of music played from the phone. While biking the phone, tablet or computer can be charged with USB connectors. The innovative magnetic technology allows the 2,7kg boombox be moved from the bike quickly & easily.

In addition, the bike helps to find the most eco-friendly routes for daily commute and
healthy ride.

Angel Edition carbon fibre bike is one of the lightest urban electric bikes around, only 15,6kg. The crankset is Shimano Metrea; front and rear disc brakes; saddle is Brooks B17; and tires  Cruzo 26″ x 2.35.

Noordung Angel Edition – an exclusive pre-production series of only 15 is handmade. 

Price: 8000 euros.

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