Copenhagen Highend 2019

The Novotel Fair in Paris just closed, the Warsaw Fair two weeks ahead, it’s time to direct the sight and steps to Copenhagen where the annual HighEnd Show will be held this weekend for the 22nd time in a row.


Complexity of hi-fi design

How to design electronic devices to people who not only are ambivalent about design/outer appearances but often openly hostile to it?


Helsinki Hi-Fi 2019

Snapshots. Quick thoughts.


Sound art

Horns at art’s service

A sound artist Yuri Suzuki unveils a new participatory artwork at Tuner Contemporary. Once again horns occupy the lead role.

Sound art

Bodily music to the letter

One-plus-one-is-three performs using EEG signals to control sounds, lights and images.


Men, masculinity and technology

Two recent independent exhibitions reflected masculinity. Neither of them too optimistically.


Album reviews


Zeena Parkins’ latest album makes captivating listening.

Album reviews

Haydn String Quartets Op. 64

The Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet’s mono LP is wonderful both in terms of performance and sound quality.

Album reviews

Opus 3 goes Blues

The Swedish record label Opus 3 is widely known for its audiophile grade recordings. In early days it was more jazz and classical music, nowadays increasingly blues.