Highend from Scandinavia – Part II

Extracts from the Copenhagen, Stockholm and Helsinki Highend Shows. Part II: Stockholm.


INNER under spotlight

Yours truly interviewed by the High Fidelity magazine for their “The Editors” series.


Musical value and its reproduction

In the article Jules L. Coleman criticizes putting the fidelity to the recording first and suggests that the true aim of our hobby should be some musical point.



Speaker park

Speaker Park steers thoughts away from the commercial hi-fi markets.


Men, masculinity and technology

Two recent independent exhibitions reflected masculinity. Neither of them too optimistically.

Sound art

Zach this out

Zach Rowden does most peculiar things with his double bass, and does it sensibly and with a meaning.


Album reviews


Zeena Parkins’ latest album makes captivating listening.

Album reviews

Haydn String Quartets Op. 64

The Vienna Konzerthaus Quartet’s mono LP is wonderful both in terms of performance and sound quality.

Album reviews

Opus 3 goes Blues

The Swedish record label Opus 3 is widely known for its audiophile grade recordings. In early days it was more jazz and classical music, nowadays increasingly blues.