Philips RH 545 Studio

In the 1970s, Philips manufactured speakers that monitored their own playback and, if necessary, repaired it through a feedback loop. The MFB RH 545 Studio was the most advanced of them.


Audio Note Japan Kondo Overture

Overtures aren’t the greatest music that classic music can offer. But Overture can be a name to a superb amplifier.


The Swiss UNITON

UNITON EV-ST71 is a rare 50W power amp with a particularly interesting background.


Sound art

Ääni sauna #1: Jaakko Eino Kalevi

A Finnish multi-instrumentalist heating up the sauna in Norway.

Sound art

Ceramics and sound united

Interbeing is an ambitious international ceramic and sound art project creating new collaborations between British and Chinese artists.

Sound art

Perishable vinyl

The new book of the Basque sound artist Mikel R. Nieto contemplates current lack of sensitivity toward the sound of water, snow and ice. A vinyl is attached.


Album reviews

A blooming desert

SUPERBLOOM is a collaborative debut between cellist Maarten Vos and pianist Nils Davidse delving into new territories of electronic music.

Album reviews

Perfect balance

Peter Bjørnild & Frans de Rond have recorded albumful of jazzy music challenging the possibilities of current recording technology. A fabulous one-mic recording.

Album reviews

In the footsteps of Prometheus

Prague/CZ based independent record label Animal Music is offering a new release of Nikol Bokova.