Auto Tech horns from Poland

Apr 28, 2011

AUTO-TECH manufactures acoustic horns, waveguides, casings and ready-made loudspeaker systems for various applications. I didn't know that such a firm exists. Seems to me that they're specializing in customized horn speaker projects using their CAD/CAM technology and CNC machines as well as their own tools.

For home applications they offer Le Cléac'h - a French horn guru - hyperbolic horns (JMLC). "These hyperbolic horns (optimized in order to achieve controlled acoustic impedance) work without diffraction and provide the linear sound transmission band with the use of compression drivers." The asymmetric horns are hybrid designs. They behave as JMLC but offer a wider audio monitoring field on the horizontal plane E-JMLC, IWATA. In case of JMLC horns, the digit signifies a minimum usable frequency. Distribution is at least 1.5 to 2 times higher.

For home cinema systems or on-stage applications Auto-Tech offers OS and E-OS waveguides for shortening the distance between acoustic centres. OS, E-OS and GAMT90 waveguides are for the rooms characterized by difficult acoustic conditions in which a wider audio monitoring field, constant tonal balance outside the main axis and controlled directivity are required. GAMT90 waveguide is designed for AMT converter (Harwood Acoustics AM 35, Beyma TPL-150).

The horns and the ready-made systems are manufactured using rigid, multilayer composites. The composites have attenuating characteristics and they minimize tinting. The standard colour is white.


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